Nov 022015

 You have been a constant in my Tennessee to Virginia life. You have kept me company, protected me from ghosts, shared my angst, revelled and then slept through my joys. You have rebelled against my lectures, made me laugh, and I  was always on your side during games of evil stair kitty. 
You have been my muse, a reason to get out of bed (because let’s face it, making coffee wasn’t your strong suit), and a most faithful confidant.

Thank you for rallying back several times this year. Thank you for convalescing with me during a recent surgery (and tolerating binge watching Vampire Diaries). Thank  you for always coming to the door to greet me whenever I came home. Thank you for wishing me a multitude of good mornings these last ten years. 

Thank you for purring today when I came into the living room to check on you one last time before I headed out into the rain.   And thank you for waiting for me at the vet’s office before saying goodbye.

Just thank you …

I miss you.